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Related article: Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2004 14:46:36 +0100 (BST) From: Steven G Subject: Adventures in Palestinehi i am 25 years old, originally greek, i work for a diplomatic mission in Israel, and has been living there for the past 2 years. One thing i loved about being in the middle east is how guys have the complete freedom to hang out together without the need for having girls around them, and The palestenians are no exception to that. Being gay i felt horny every time i saw an arab guy walking round, but never dared to make a move, i always feared that i would be beaten once manhood is sth u cant insult in for arabs.. very little i knew that An arab never considers himself as GAY if he is top... being top means you are a MAN... As a part of the work i did, i had to spend a few nights every month in Refugee camps, and i areas where the conflict was high, and of course since these areas were so poor, my work arranged for me to stay at some of the local families houses. These houses were usually small, and i some cases the whole family slept in a one room apartment.. It was a Friday night when i arrived at the Rafah refugee camp in Gaza, after i crossed the border between israel and palestine, i was supposed to me welcomed by NASER (Victor in english) a 28 yrs old guy... and indeed he was there,,, the moment i saw him, i got an erection, he was the arabian prince of my dreams, a real hunk, i couldent help not looking at his huge cock hidden under the tight jeans,, he had goatee which was also a huge turn on for me,,, Naser greeted me and said that for the next 2 daysw i will be sharing his room at their house. he took my bag and we started talking, he told me how hard life was for him there, how his family suffers ,,, of course i was there Preteen Porn Pedo to help as much as i could, but one thing i wanted more was to be on my kneees licking his balls and sucking his cock, but i was so scared , How can i start sth like that?? They would kill me if i even dared to do sth!!! I met his family and we talked over a very simple dinner.. at 22.00 pm Naser told me that i had 2 options .. one was that we could stay home watch some tv, and play cards, or second we could go to the local coffee house, smoke NARGILA ,and meet with his friends, i of course chose the second option,, i couldent resist the idea of being round so many arab hunks...Anyway, we entered the coffee place which was filled with men, from all ages.. Naser introduced me to AYMAN and AHMAD who didnt speak a word of english, they said sth the moment they saw me, and then they commented on how soft my hands were... we drank tea, and smoked nargilla, and out of the blue, Naser said that his friend ahmad wants to know if i ever had sex ,,, and of course i said yes and that i had it many times ... they were so excited and wanted to know details.. i managed to get them horny with my stories, i could see the result under their pants. they were trying hard to hide it.. and then i started my side of the game, and i asked if they had any sexual experience with girls, and they all said NO, Ahmad said that its forbidden to have sex before marriage, and at the time being they cant afford getting married since they hardly earn money to feed themselves.. I dont know where i got the courage from and i said " well its hard to find girls everywhere, but in europe, u can easily find beautiful guys to suck you and even u can fuck them,!finding men is easier than girls, and its more hot! too bad you dont have that here... NASER laughed and felt shy, he explained what i said to his friends, who were all shocked, Ayman said this is HARAM (against religion) .. and NASER replied :the life we live in is haram, iam 28 years old, and i still do it with my hand..I was so happy inside, i knew sth was turning inside of the 2 guys (ayman didnt seem intrested after 10 minuts he excused himself and left) but the other guys wanted to know how it feels being sucked and how does it feel fucking hot ass... of course i was happy telling them, . Suddenly Ahmad said sth to NASER and the two seemd to argue about sth (later i knew that AHMAD told NASER to ask me if i ever sucked cock) .. since NASER refused to ask me, AHMAD did it using his hands, i was walking on 7th cloud then.. i quickly said well only once (of course i lied) i was watching their huge cocks swelling all the time... I sure knew what the guys wanted and i wasnt gonna loose a chance like this... so i said to NASER. tell Ahmad i can do him a favour nd show him how it happens if he promises not to tell anyone... Naser turned red, and he said in a low voice,, will u show me too? Oh My GOD,,,i couldent believe what was happening to me, here i was infront of 2 hot , fucking sexy arab studs, and they wanted me to suck them,, Soon all 3 of us were fucking horny,, and we needed to find a place where i would show them my experiment.Then Naser said, that we can all go back to his room, tell his parents that we will play cards, and that after playing cards, i will do some work, in which Ahmad and Naser will help with (he told his parents that Ahmad and him will telll me their stories with the israeli occupation and that i will write these storie in a newspapare in europe)Nasers parents were a very nice couple in their late 50's , time was almost midnight, so the said goodnight.. and we went into Nasers rooom.. Both guys were so shy, they sat at the side of the bed ( a very small bed) . Ibroke the silence and said, well have u changed your mind?? NO of course no, said Ahmad, but what are we supposed to do. I told them well, if we were at my place , i would say take off ur clothes, but since we dont want to risk, i would stay stand with ur backs to the wall, unzip and let me take control of the rest, if u dont like what i will do to u, just tell me to stop.. with that we agreed, they both stood up, Naser said that he wanted a dim light.so he turned on the lights and opened the small lamp on his desk. He was so tense. i went down on my knees, touched their behinds, Preteen Porn Pedo and i said that they had wonderful behinds, they had their pants unzipped, i could see the cocks, struggeling to get out of their underwear,, i didnt keep them waiting, i took out my tongue and started licking their cocks from above the fabric of their underwear.. AHMAD moaned and i started seeing a wet spot Preteen Porn Pedo on his underwear,,, ididnt want to loose anything coming out from those 2 hot suasages, i quickly removed the undewear and took his cock in my mouth,, soon Ahmad was moaning, he tried as much as he could to keep it low, Naser was playing with his cock, and he said,, please do me now, of course i gladly did..i sucked them so well, that it didnt take them more than a minute to shoot, i swallowed with so much passion, they were both shocked, happy and horny for more, it was a minute later that i had both their cocks in my mouth again, licking their balls, sliding my hands down their undewear, playing with their buttocks..i wa in heaven and so were they.. I told them to take of their panst, i wanted to get more, i wanted to eat their arses. i slid my tongue up Nasers hole, he moaned and moaned, and then did the same to Ahmad, they wanted to cum again. and of course my mouth was ready to recieve all... I loved so much what we did, i kept on doing what we did, till 3 am. i sucked them 5 times , licked their arses, their balls, their nipples, kissed their hairy chests, and got rewarded with their hot arab man juice. I was really in heaven,,, Ahmad had to leave unfortunatly. but i still had NASER (my real hunk) Naser said i would use the bed, and that he will sleep on the floor. I felt so bad, I really realized how genorous arab men are, i went to shower, and when i got back in the room, Naser was already asleep, i climed on the small bed, and smiled, that i achieved one of my dreams, i looked at NASER and i felt so emotional, there he was a sexy beautiful man, 28 years old, living in hell, while we europeans are never satisfied with what we have... i felt a huge urgo to kiss that guy, si i knelt down, and gave him a soft kiss on his cheek as he slept. He felt the kiss, and soon the kiss on the cheek turned into apassionate french kiss, i almost swallowed his tongue, i felt his spit in my mouth, and a minute later, i was sucking him again. I wanted Naser to FUCK me hard, i went up to his ear, licked it, and told him, NASER i want u to fuck me, he said i dont know how, i am not sure i will be good? i told him not to worry, that all he has to do, is lay down, and let me take control... i got a condom and some hand cream from my handbag ( that was the only lubricant i Preteen Porn Pedo had) i sat on top of him, slowly sliding his cock into my ass, i was in heaven, he was in heaven, his cock was not the biggest dick i saw, but for sure a very thick cock, it took me some time to get used to it being in me.. i rode him like it was my last ride, he was moaning, slow horny moans, ... he came while grabing my buttocks,,, it felt so good.. after that we went to sleep .. the nest morning i went to where i was suppose to do my work, Gaza got bombed on that afternoon. i was forced to leave Gaza at once by the UN forces.. i didnt have a chance to say goodbye to my hunk... to my prince, to my man... i still miss that guy.. he was my first arab.. but for sure not my last arab.... sometimes when i close my eyes, i see Nasers face moaning as i rode him....------------------------------------------------------------------ If you like what you just read, contact me, stv1ilyahoo.co.uk
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